Meet The Team

Devin Sender - The Boss. Gymnast. Climber. Designer. Friendly. Loud. MDT specialist. Ideas man.

Previous: Provincial gymnast in his young days, represented SA in Germany. Owner of Rockfit Crossfit Climbing Gym and Rock Monkeys Club. Volunteer on Gauteng Climbing Committee. Coached three young climbers who went on to represent SA as Junior Proteas.

Now: Head Coach of INSIDEedge Climbing since 2018, mentor and biggest supporter of all members aged 6 to 60. Resident go-to guy and in-house club coach within CityROCK Johannesburg.


Michelle Dowds - The Operations Manager. Tough. Efficient. Runner. Drama Queen. Takes no prisoners..

Previous: Administration and accounts manager at Regent Insurance, Mondo Meccano, Platinum Residential, Gauteng Climbing, SANCF, Solexcon, Accolyte.

Now: Chief administrator of INSIDEedge Climbing, gets you signed up, collects your money, communicates like a pro.


Josh Greaves - The Assistant Coach. Protea Climber. Passionate outdoor specialist. Quiet..

Previous: A competitive climber for 5 years, Josh has represented SA in Italy and Russia Youth World Championships in Sport Climbing. His heart lies at the crag. Climbing outdoors he has sent an 8b on lead and an 8a bouldering.

Now: Coaching school groups and kids classes, bringing his mad climbing skills and years of competition experience to INSIDEedge Climbing Club young members. And following his heart outdoors around the country chasing the best sends.

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