Annual membership fee

This fee includes R500 annual membership with Gauteng Climbing and SANCF for 2019; the remaining portion is retained by INSIDEedge Climbing in a development fund for the exclusive discretionary distribution to club members that may require assistance with travel or other costs relating to national or international competitions throughout the calendar year.


Once a week training

For the general intermediate climber who wants to learn to climb and remain fit.

R545 per month

Twice a week training

For the climber who wants to advance their skills and compete in provincial and national events.

R725 per month

Three times a week training

This is high performance training recommended for those who wish to excel in climbing and compete internationally.

R840 per month

Private training

One on one attention to perfect individual technique, style and strength.

R385 per session

Private classes monthly rate

Four sessions for the cost of three.

R1155 per month

Family discount – 10% for each following family member

First introductory session for beginners - Free

Second and following beginners' sessions - R130 per session

CityROCK Rates

Mindful Runners get 50% off the joining fee.
Discovery Vitality and MCSA members get 25% off the joining fee.

Type Joining Fee Monthly Debit
Adult R740 R580
Student/Pensioner R490 R390
Kid R465 R370
Extra Kid - R330
Couple R1170 R910

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