Age groups and badges

Coaching programs are specifically designed for groups of climbers with varying capabilities. New beginners at INSIDEedge Climbing will start with an introductory session to evaluate their current skills, strength and technique. Thereafter they will be recommended to pursue private training or join an appropriate group class with climbers of similar age and levels of performance and dedication.
Performance Badges of Achievement are offered from the entry level White Badge to the highest accolade of an Elite Badge. Climbers will need to pass the following tests before they are awarded their next badge. 

White Badge - U7 & U9

  • No belaying.
  • Teaching the core fundamentals of climbing, technique and climbing terminology.
  • Teaching safety and care, kitting up correctly, buddy checks, spotting in boulder, landing correctly.
  • General fitness, including own body exercises and climbing endurance.
  • Follow an outlined fun environment.
  • Climbing-specific games are played to entertain and develop skills and friendship.
  • Prepare for competitions.
  • Badge testing is done before Top Rope season begins.

Yellow Badge - U11

  • Training should increase to twice a week.
  • Classes become more serious and slightly harder.
  • Technique and individual style should progress further.
  • Leading introductions are done in a safe environment.
  • Climbing grades are pushed.
  • Bond with fellow climbers in a fun environment.
  • Strength is still own body weight.
  • Students are encouraged to climb outdoors
  • Badge testing is done before Lead season begins.

Black Badge - U13

  • At this stage athletes should be training three times a week.
  • Very few games are played.
  • Follow competition circuit.
  • Lead climbing progresses and grades are pushed.
  • Goal for the climber is to obtain Provincial Colours.
  • Outdoor adventures are frequent.
  • Strength programs are catered to Boulder, Lead and Speed climbing.
  • The climber has obtained their Top Rope and Lead tags.

Intermediate Climber - 14 years and older

  • This is catered to climbers who enjoy climbing but prefer the chiller side of life.
  • All safety procedures are learnt, and the climber can experience a more relaxed environment while still pushing grades.
  • Skills and strength can be developed at an individual pace.
  • Climbers will become fully equipped to handle any situation in the great outdoors while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Advanced Climber - 14 years and older

  • Climbing is taken very seriously, grades are pushed, and athletes are expected to perform at the highest level of competition.
  • A strong mind, discipline and focus will be required.
  • Follow the Gauteng Climbing and SANCF competition circuit.
  • Aim to go to Youth World Championships.
  • All aspects of conditioning are pushed.
  • Outdoor trips with the team are a must to relax and blow off steam.

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